Dr. Erik Vaughn

Pre-eminent Psychosurgeon and Psychopath.


Dr. Vaughn was first revealed as part of the Noaria conspiracy by Dr. Mindfuck when reviewing Kai Hunt’s brain scans. He is implicated in both Mr. Hunt‘s psychological predicament, as well as Ms. Holt’s.


Dr. Vaughn was once an esteemed psychosurgeon and neurologist in the employ of Cognite, one of the hypercorps disgraced in the FUTURA project disaster. Indeed. Dr. Vaughn was directly involved in the FUTURA project, and fell into obscurity thereafter. He showed up in Mr. Hunt’s memories as most likely the person responsible for installing the psychological programming that led him to attack Ms. Holt. She, in turn, recognized him as one of the directors of research at Noaria.

Dr. Erik Vaughn

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