Dr. Mindfuck

Neurodivergent Psychosurgeon


The PCs first encountered Dr. Mindfuck when Ms. Holt’s attempts to secure a fresh backup failed upon her initial rescue from Noaria. Dr. Mindfuck was able to help her, as well as revealing some secrets about her past that were hidden in her brain scans.

The PCs next interacted with him when they required a medical scan to ensure they were clean and free of the bizarre plague they encountered aboard the Drowned Lady.


Dr. Boris Simic was a well-off psychosurgeon working for the Serbian government. Specifically employed as a loyalty tester, he gained an incredible amount of insight into the inner thoughts of bureaucrats and career politicos. When TITAN nanoviruses hit Eastern Europe, he was reassigned to help government officials who had contracted mind-altering infections. In the course of his work, Simic fell victim to one of these plagues, suffering from severe mood swings. Considered a liability, he was ineligible for evacuation. Betrayed by his own government, Simic managed to bribe his way on board a refugee shuttle that barely made it into orbit. Rescued by HAL strikers, Simic stayed with the refugees when the swarm departed Earth.

Simic adopted well to the scum lifestyle, engaging in heavy petal use as a way of coping with his traumatic experiences and letting go of many of his former inhibitions. He quickly turned his talents towards experimental procedures and offered his services to anyone desiring a recreational mental alteration. Though his attempts to counter his own neurological damage have failed—and may even have exacerbated his condition—there is no question that he is skilled at shaping minds. Many scum make regular trips to his offices, seeking new mind-sets, new outlooks on life, or just a new type of trip. Over the years, Simic
adopted the nickname many of the scum were using for him, and now introduces himself as Dr. Mindfuck to everyone he meets.

In recent years, Dr. Mindfuck has become an outspoken critic of the EDF and Alice Chu. He consistently calls them out as the “hidden leadership” and “secret elites” of the fleet, noting the similarities to the mindsets of the many bureaucrats and politicos he dealt with in the past. Though he has few close friends and is not part of a collective, Dr. Mindfuck has earned some respect and allies for his outspokenness. Some of these supporters see actual wisdom in his critiques, while others just see him as a useful tool in the political dynamics of the fleet.

Dr. Mindfuck

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