Ianthe Complex

Exhuman Serial Killer


Ianthe featured courtesy of Farcast

The PCs encountered dear Ianthe while investigating The Anomaly. Their investigations turned up evidence of Ms. Complex’s own misdeeds, resulting in her conviction and expulsion from the Fleet. This, unfortunately, angered some higher power who, for some reason, felt rather protective of this deadly blossom…


Resleeving is easy. Augmentation and cosmetic alteration is even easier. The limits of what a morph can look like are relatively few, if you have the resources and imagination. In the rush to perfection, many transhumans forget that there are egos out there with issues: body integrity identity disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, compulsive overeating, muscle dysmorphia, bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, dermatillomania, trichotillomania, and all the rest. These conditions don’t just go away when the ego is augmented or resleeved to a new morph; in some cases easy access to personal augmentation just feeds and enables the affliction—or worse, push the ego over a precipice into much more disturbing psychopathology.

Ianthe Complex looks like a nine-foot-tall Remade wetdream clothed in flesh. Standing still they look like an anime seductress made flesh, high elfin cheekbones and massive breasts, impossibly thin arms and legs ending in hand-like claws, a waspish waist over massive hips. When she moves the illusion is shattered, muscles bunching and rippling just beneath the skin like a shaved jungle cat. The effect is at once alluring and disturbing to most humans, but few look past the surface to the dangerous, damaged persona inhabiting that singularly striking morph. A broken seductress whose inability to accept their body has led them to seek to perfect others.

Ianthe lures their victims back to their secret love nest—a faraday cage sealed off from the rest of the habitat where no one can hear the victims scream. A single victim can last for weeks or months as they remake them with the needle, and the scalpel, and the rack. Most die from cumulative surgeries; they keep the victim’s cortical stacks as mementos of their time together. A few are eventually released, if Ianthe is pleased with the results; these crippled morphs are often too far gone to be much help in identifying their tormentor.

Ianthe Complex

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