Jakob Knox

No-Nonsense Mechanic


Jakob grew up in the hills of Virginia, and remembers them before the environmental cataclysms that ensued before the Fall. When he was of age, to escape a… difficult relationship with his father, he signed on with a hypercorp, working as security- meaning he was a soldier. He was trained in several forms of combat and specializes in the operation and maintenance of ground-based vehicles (while there are flying cars in the future, finally, they aren’t actually practical for many applications, especially in combat, and are cost-prohibitive for vehicles that are likely to get blown up).

He fought valiantly for his corp and his men. He did many things of which he wasn’t proud for their sake, and when the time came to go home to his wife and young children he was beyond relieved.

It was then that he discovered that the tiny backwater town he’d grown up in, and had moved his family to- so far from the fighting, so safe… wasn’t. A misfired chemical weapon had detonated in town square and contaminated the land for miles around, killing everyone. By the time he returned, the contamination had cleared enough that he, given his background and particular skills, was allowed inside.

He found his family, all three of them, curled up in one anothers’ arms in the bedroom. They’d perished waiting for a rescue that had never come, even though the weapon had been fired by their own countrymen upon their own people- supposedly by accident.

He buried them in the front yard, erecting small stone monuments over each, shallow crypt. Given his skills, his hypercorp was delighted to transfer him to their new operations on Mars, and he was farcast there into a so-called “ruster” morph to help protect a settlement of terraformers at their work.

When the Fall happened he wasn’t altogether surprised. He already knew all too well what horrors people would visit on one another- is it any wonder that their most supreme creations had inherited that vicious streak?

Since then, he’s developed a reputation for being downright antisocial but he’s damn good with a hyperspanner and unfailingly honest. For a long time he just wanted to be left alone to try and build his fortune to buy the good life- a life out from under the hypercorps’ thumbs, in a morph that doesn’t take yearly genetic therapy to keep functioning. That plan was going well enough, but was recently derailed by the sudden advent of a lovely young lady who needed some help. Now he’s making a living as an assistant mechanic aboard the Stars Our Destination.

Jakob Knox

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