Kalbir Singh

Security Ops


The PCs first encountered Mr. Singh during the affair with Ms. Complex, whom he helped to arrest in his capacity as chief of security for the Fleet.


Singh was part of the security team at the original HAL facility. He secretly smuggled XP of the living conditions HAL kept their workers in to a human rights group. When the strike was called and the EDF anarchists revealed themselves, Singh threw in with the strikers, locked down the barracks where most of the security personnel were resting, and opened up the armory to the workers.

After the Fall, Singh stuck with the swarm and helped the fleet organize its militia. To this day, he has a hand in securing the fleet’s defenses, working alongside several weapon system collectives and training new militia volunteers. He also consults with conflict-resolution affinity groups that are formed by the scum on an ad-hoc basis to deal with disputes and antisocial crimes. He also secretly coordinates a counter-intelligence operation against outside groups and factions that meddle in the swarm’s affairs.

Kalbir Singh

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