Professor Scylla Ran

Scylla, You Disgusting Abomination, Professor Ran, The Genetic Wizard


The Wayward Cephalopod

Start at the Beginning
This story starts with Cephala’s Hydrogenesis Program. Developed with the purpose of creating vast quantities of water for terraforming other planets, and restoring the seas of Earth once reclaimed. However, such a lofty aspiration garners mixed public opinion, so Cephala sought a means of garnering emotional favor and more funding. Thus, Oceana Origins Reclamation Technologies (OORT) was established. The subsidiary’s purpose was to jump on to the Uplift bandwagon and develop sentient aquatic life that would be loyal to Cephala and curry the stream of emotional funds. The most popular of OORT’s “daughters” was Maria – so named for the Pre-Fall astronomer Maria Margarethe Kirch. The young Neo-Octopus proved quite successful in scientific, mathematic, and programming pursuits. The young girl was drug about to social events, had any achievements she devised stolen, and was very excruciatingly groomed to behave as a young Transhuman girl should. by her “guardians.” Eventually the little octopus grew wise enough to understand what was happening around and to her. With careful communication and planning, she made an escape with the aid of Autonomist Uplift-Rights activists. They managed to free several of her siblings and cousins in the ensuing break, corrupting or stealing backups as they could, but Maria lost her body in the chaos and fled to the stars with her saviors. That was the last anyone saw of her, though Cephala has kept her memory alive with facsimiles , and added in a few more popular faces to divest suspicion.

Every Ending is a New Beginning
Elsewhere and some years later in the further reaches of the solar system, TAU professors receive a new applicant for entrance into the collegiate programs. Stellar aptitudes, and a brief but noteworthy list of contributions to the Titanian Commonwealth, with a past of assorted experiences on various independent space vessels and habitat laboratories, the young Uplift Scylla Ran was hesitantly accepted. Yet more years later xie graduates with several accolades for vision and advancements in Uplift and Xeno Biologies. Upon continuing xir work with research expeditions, science conferences, and several Uplift protection groups, xie was invited to a position in the TAU. Ever since, xie has continued xir work advancing understanding and training for medical care for Non-Mammalian Uplifts and other Xeobilogical morphs. Xie has also made a name for xirself as a capable and artistic biosculpter of considerable vision, and is a public proponent of morphological freedom in all of Transhumanity.

But Where Are We Now?
Always a proponent of freeing the indentured, Professor Ran was rather amicable when approached with the challenge of counteracting the Engineered Obsolescence in the Martian biomorphs utilized by the Barsoomians. More scientist than politician, xie kept a low-profile for a time, moving from laboratory to laboratory, xie just barely kept ahead of the Hypercorp police forces trying to ferret out resistance cells. In an attempt to put more distance between xirself and the Hypercorps, xie found a ship set to join on with the Stars our Destination scum fleet, and jetted at the opportunity to hide under Hypercorps’ noses but just beyond their reach.

Professor Scylla Ran

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