The Anomaly - "Amy"

Creepy Lurker


The PCs first encountered word of the Anomaly when a new lodger aboard I Want You Inside Me was messily killed. The crew was deputized as part of the investigation, and managed to track down some additional information about The Anomaly as well as catch a serial killer lurking on the fleet: Ianthe Complex.


Every ship, hab, and station has its ghost stories, and The Stars Our Destination is no exception. The Anomaly is but one of several such bogeymen, but it has developed something of a cult following over the years despite many naysayers. Rumors of its existence first appeared shortly after the fleet first convened after the Fall.

There is rampant speculation as to what it might be, ranging from a mass hallucination to a xenobiological life form from beyond the Pandora Gates to a genetic experiment gone wrong. After sorting through the evidence, the crew has determined the following:

1) It most likely is real, unfortunately. The PCs found a piece of undoctored footage straight from the mind of one of its alleged victims that show the thing crouched in a maintenance hatch moments before the person in question was killed.

2) It moves through the maintenance tunnels aboardships to avoid detection, occasionally making use of its blazing speed to move through inhabited areas unseen. How it moves from ship to ship remains unclear.

3) It emits some manner of energy which interferes with standard security cameras.

4) It appears to only kill once every couple of years. Why it kills remains unclear, though predation may be a factor judging by the state of the remains.

5) It seems to be a vaguely humanoid figure, about three feet tall, which is pitch-black; so dark, in fact, that it seems to absorb and distort the light around it.

The Anomaly - "Amy"

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