Dejah Xiao

Princess, Dee Rice, Lady-Boss


Dee Rice, as those around currently know her, is an expert mechanical and nuclear engineer. Who better to fly the ship than the person who knows how it runs better than anyone else?

Her Ruster morph is young, 25-30ish looing in age, with stark white hair that seems to just grow that way. Sunn reddened skin with lighter designs on places seems to be a permanent fixer less than a fashion statement, and she’s usually seen covered in grease, jumpsuit half tied around her waist with her hair up in a bandanna, utilitool in one hand and Creep bot self named Bit Bobble on her belt or running around her feet squealing about bacon unless on task.

However backwater she may appear, Dee seems to be very well educated when she opens her mouth. She doesn’t sound backwater Martian, and has a very advanced knowledge of nuclear engineering, belying wherever she was before the Stars Our Destination, she’d gotten a proper education, likely in a big city.

Beyond that, a very few people actually have any idea where she came from.

Her Creepy Bit;


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Dejah Xiao

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